Graphic Arts

From the can of a soft drink to the label of a bottle, nowadays, most products have been labelled to convey a message or to communicate certain ideas or feelings. Graphic arts are the series of activities which turn these ideas into visual products. Currently it is extremely important to offer attractive products to stand out amongst the competition. Among the different printing systems available, flexography is mostly used to print labels, packaging and packaging products. That is why most daily products nowadays are printed through this technique.

This fact has caused an increase of the quality of the printed products with flexography in the past few years since there is an increasing interest in developing this printing system. On the other hand, digital printing has become the perfect system for short runs and short delivery times thanks to its lower complexity. That is the reason why it is the printing system used on a large scale, with multiple applications and with a promising future. At Ability, we are a group of experts specialized in the design and manufacture of printing plates for flexography and also in the design and development of digitally printed products. Our workers know-how and technical equipment allow us to guarantee our clients the quality they are expecting.


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