Digital printing

Digital printing in Murcia

Ability is a company which belongs to the sector of graphic arts and is located in Murcia. It is focused on large format digital printing and die-cutting.

We specialize in printing every type of signage element and display to enhance your brand image:

For those looking for lower cost furniture, and ease of storage and transport.

Personalized solutions, resistant, easy to assemble and transport, and economical.

We get competitive prices regardless of the quantity you request.

Multi-format digital printing

We print of several substrates: corrugated cardboard (micro-flute, double micro-flute, flute B and C), foam board, cellular polypropylene, foam, vinyl and Abiplex, our star product.

We manufacture from short or medium runs without needing printing plates or mechanical die-cutting. We guarantee you a fair investment for the highest performance of your products.

We customized the product to be delivered and also offer different languages or corporate logos which will be generated within the same production without any extra charge.

Abiplex: the material that makes a difference

ABIPLEX is a registered trademark and a patented cardboard with Spanish utility model. We use it to design, develop, print and manufacture every kind of project. Abiplex is very light and even, easy to assemble, reusable, resistant, recyclable and environmentally friendly. You will be surprised by its versatility, advantages and possibilities.

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