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The display is a POS (point of sale) type of advertising element which is intended for direct physical contact with the potential customer addressed. For this purpose, the display is placed where the product or serviced advertised can be bought.


This advertising feature usually consists of an imprinted plate on one side and a rear foot for the whole display to stand vertically. The display also features several possibilities of use; the dimensions of the display will depend on the space available and the area where it will be placed. The shape of the display will usually depend on the design needs and the product to be advertised. There are also several materials available for the display.


Among the materials that are most used for the creation of displays is the cardboard, because it has multiple advantages over other types of materials; for instance, it is easier to be transported and stored, together with the lower cost and the possibility for its recycling. All these features make cardboard the best material for this type of advertising.


In Ability, our creative designers help and advise the customers in many aspects such as the design, the materials to be employed with regard to the type of product, the campaign or the establishment, among others.


Abiplex, our own material, takes advantage of the properties of cardboard used as the core material for advertising. To these properties, there are others like its great resistance and the possibilities for it to be reused with a view to promoting future campaigns.


The printing and digital die-cutting systems allow for short delivery times, so that we can be more competitive not only in making fewer units but in making thousands of them, hence, achieving the best quality expected by our clients.


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