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Advertising in the point of sales, also known as POS advertising, is the one done in the same place where you can acquire the product and can be presented in different ways. One of them consists in specialized displays for a concrete product, or a group of products. You place the product in one of these displays and the client can acquire it directly from it.


Another advantage of the display is that it is usually designed to serve for advertising support, so it is customized through printing in different areas of its structure. With that, you can highlight the product’s virtues, and, also, reinforce the brand image, with the corporate colors and logo.


At Ability, we are specialists in the creation of POS exhibitors. We design the exhibitors in function of both the needs and tastes of our clients, like the technical characteristics the exhibitor must have to support the weight of the product that will be located. Our team of technicians and designers is at our clients’ services to offer them the assessment they need to have always the best solution for your needs.


The product exhibitors designed by Ability are made, mostly, in our Abiplex material, which allows a great durability and resistance, allowing you to transmit an image of quality that will influence directly in the brand image our client wants to offer.


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