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A display case is basically product showcase furniture that is used with a double functionality: for one part it is used to keep the product it contains safe and in the ideal temperature for its future use (in the case of refrigerated cases). For another part, it is used as an advertising element, since its usual structure has a glass facing the audience, which allows the client to see the product held in the case.


It is a very commonly used medium in advertisement of refrigerated products in supermarkets, since it allows the advertisement and the selling of the product in a single case.


Nowadays, Ability has as a developing project display cases based in our star material, the Abiplex. Thanks to the isolation capacity of the material, joint to the its versatility as an advertising element, Ability hopes to give the market a more attractive alternative to enhance POS advertising of refrigerated products.


This project, along with other ongoing ones, is a result of the innovation and our drive to be better, which persists in all of our execution lines at Ability. Continuous improvement, with the objective of giving our clients not only what they hope, but also to exceed their expectations, make us put our products through comprehensive production and quality controls.


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