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As a part of the furniture there is at home and in the commercial establishments, cardboard made shelves are becoming increasingly popular today, because they feature numerous advantages over the ones produced with more conventional materials like wood or metal.


Cardboard shelves weight less, thus, their transport is easier. Each model can be fully customized, both in terms of number of shelves, and in terms of dimensions and shapes. This full personalization is completed through the digital printing of the designed structure. Furthermore, this type of shelves are environmentally friendly, since the material employed is reusable and totally recyclable; it is often produced using materials that have already been recycled.


In Ability, we develop shelves, either for decoration, private storage or for commercial use. We are specialists in producing shelves that are made with our own material, Abiplex: a highly resistant, long-life lasting and versatile cardboard-based material for structure building.


For all this, in Ability you will find a customized shelf that is light weighted, eco-friendly, resistant even under humidity conditions thanks to our UVI varnish, and easy to assemble and disassemble; this can be done within a few minutes and without the need for tools or screws, which significantly reduces the costs of transport and the logistics.


Our highly qualified professional staff are constantly providing our customers with advice to make their ideas possible, from the moment they are designed until their production. Our experience guarantees that the designs we make are innovative and attractive, as well as structurally efficient.


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