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Advertising at the point of sales, POS, is a type of advertising that is in direct contact with the client, meaning, that promotes a brand or a product in the same place where you can get it. It is possible to find cardboard POS in all type of businesses: stores, malls, drug stores, supermarkets, great storage rooms, pharmacies, etc.


There are different elements of cardboard POS: displays, canvas, banners, standing product cases, product showcases, but they all have in common the purpose of drawing the client’s attention towards a certain product or brand that stand out over all the others. Depending of the type of advertising campaign, and, specially, its purpose, the used cardboard POS can be of one type or another. Also, they materials employed can be different, although the most common are those emerging from carton, due to its price and because it contemplates elements that, frequently, are tossed away after the advertising campaigns.


At Ability we are specialists in the production of all type of cardboard POS. For this we use both digital printing and punching, which allows us to get the best quality and the best finishing touches, completely customizing the elements and adapting them to each type of advertising campaign.


We are in conditions of offering cardboard POS over any type of base, rigid or flexible, since we count with UVI printing technology. Also, we are specialists in the fabrication and realization of designs over Abiplex, protected as a utility patent. Our material attributes products that we develop the robustness and resistance qualities, since it allows supporting large amounts of weight, something unthinkable in many cases when it comes to carton. Alongside this, Ability’s cardboard POS elements are easily assembled and moved, because they can be assembled without needing any tools and spending very little time, and when packed flat, they are easily movable, reducing delivery timing and costs. Also, it’s about a totally recyclable material with great possibilities of reutilization, given its modular constitution.


Our team of highly qualified graphic designers assesses our clients at all times, in order for their idea to become a reality, always in the expected quality and timing conditions.


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