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Cardboard furniture is a novel solution to cover storage and comfort needs of any space, from a house to a commercial establishment.


Some of the advantages this type of furniture has facing the traditional furniture is its lower cost, since the raw materials are less expensive than those that have been used so far in furniture. To this you have to add that we are talking about recyclable materials, since they don’t generate residues that can’t be managed responsibly, and, besides they are reusable, so they allow an easy storage until the next time they are needed without space issues. The assembling and dissembling of this type of furniture is extremely simple, so that neither tools nor expert hands are needed to assemble them.


Also, because of their weight and volume, they are the ideal solution for an easy and fast transportation.


In the case of commerce, any establishment needs to help its customers in its decision and purchase realization. The placing of the furniture results very helpful because it allows the location of the products in the point of sales in the manner that the company decides. But, asides from where to locate the furniture, nowadays the decision of which type of furniture to use to locate our products is very important. The choices are numerous, from headboards, to showcasers, containers, etc.


In the home the introduction of this type of furniture becomes a novelty, but there are multiple choices, from chairs and tables, to all sorts of solutions for storage.


The team at Ability has the necessary technology and knowledge to turn into reality the needs of our clients when it comes to furniture and equipment, both for their home and business.


We know that each client’s needs are different, so at Ability it is possible to find standard cardboard furniture in our catalog, but it is also customizable for each client. It is important to choose a good furniture following the stability, size, design, originality and communication criteria. For this, the assessment and communication we offer at Ability is fundamental inside our process.


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