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A box pallet is a type of large format packing used as a POS product exhibitor as well.  It is used when the product needs to be sent right away packed in the exhibitor with the point of sales as a destination.


The naming of the box pallet is due to the fact that it matches the pallet measurements on which it will be placed for product sales and transportation. Therefore, the most common measurements that can be found for a box pallet in the market are 1200×1000 (American pallet), 1200×800 (Europallet Standard), 800×600 (half pallet) and 400×600 (quarter pallet).


At Ability, besides the common cardboard box pallets you can find in the market, we develop box pallets with added advantages, such as:


– Easy transportation, since if the client wishes for it we can send it dissembled to the point of sales for its posterior loading and assembling. 


– High duration, being able to be loaded on and on in the point of sales due to its high resistance.


– Saving pallets, since they work with supports for their moving with small cars.


– Great rotation capacity per campaign, since, being modular, it allows switching certain areas of the box, keeping the main structure. This way the box becomes highly economical after only two campaigns. 


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