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Any advertising campaign pretends capturing the attention of the audience which it addresses using different tools and elements. One of these is the advertising totem that because of its column shape, allows saving a large space, but, at the same time, produces a great visual impact being a vertical element, easily perceptible to sight.


This advertising element is usually destined to exhibit the image more than to exhibit the product. Because of that, its purpose is usually to reinforce the brand image and contain advertising messages, reason for which they are usually allocated in the point of sales during a long amount of time, although they can also be used for specific offer or promotion actions.


The totem can have an oval or rectangular shape and can be made in different materials. The advertising totems in cardboard count with numerous advantages in front of those made with other materials, their versatility, easy assembling, and easy transportation are some examples. Also, you can print on them any four-color image and they can have different finishes, such as matte or varnish.


Among the cardboard advertising totems, the needs of the client regarding durability and resistance will determine the materials employed for its construction, from lightweight small cartons, to corrugated carton structures of higher thickness. Its function, more visual, allows you to choose weaker materials that you would for other elements that had as their goal supporting high weights.


Regardless of the type of material you choose to make it from, the advertising totem is easily assembled and de-assembled, so the same sales staff or promotion staff can assemble it in two minutes without needing any tools. Along this, they are transported in an easy, comfortable, fast way, due to their reduced weight and the possibility of packing them flat. Also, once de-assembled they occupy very little space, which allows a comfortable storage facing its reuse. Not less important is the possibility of recycling it offers, being in totally recyclable materials.


At Ability we count with the qualified staff in advertising graphics and with the necessary tools so that our clients can choose this type of totem and the numerous advantages it offers. Also, our design team will turn this totem in an attractive element that transmits the image our client hopes.


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