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Advertising counters are furniture elements through which you can promote products or services at the street, in fairs, malls, and all those situations in which you want to present a product or make a brand better known.


Normally, they are made of an auto assembled table, that  can be totally closed or open in the posterior part, and that is usually provided with an inner medium shelf that facilitates the storage of the products, some outriggers, and a switchable superior banner. They are totally customized with logotypes and corporate images of the brands since the colors, the slogans, and the counter’s own shapes are usually flashy with the intention of captivating the target client’s attention. They ought to have a great visual impact.


These counters serve to attract clients and show them the advantages of the products or services they are offered. They allow the fast visualization of themselves, are highlighted and made more attractive with the purpose of clients drawing in and be served by the brand’s staff, both to receive information as to try or make tastings. This way they can be personally convinced of the advantages the product has to offer.


The human team at Ability designs and makes simple and functional structures happen, that can be easily and fast assembled without needing any type of tool. Also, since they are compact, they can be transported in cars and easily moved to the POS.


Due to our technical equipment we are in condition to offer you the product you need at each time, totally customized and without having to make any minimal orders.


Also, at Ability, we are conscious of the importance of protecting the environment, which is why we use reusable and totally recyclable materials, which are at once resistant and lasting.


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